Save time and get into your services faster by completing your waiver online before you get to Mystic Float, it's as easy 1, 2, 3.


1.   pick the waiver for the service that you have booked

2.  pick the kind of waiver for yourself as an adult if over 18 or if       you are signing for a minor under 18

3.   fill out the info and send

General Waiver  (for all services not listed below)

Float Tank and Gereral Waiver

Salt Cave and Gerneral Waiver

if you need any assistance or questions on waiver please give us a call at 330-915-6045

Note:  General waivers cover every service, accept yoga, salt cave, and Float, if you are doing one of those services for the first time you must full out a new waiver for Float, yoga, and Salt Cave.

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