Jimmie Bowman Ph.D. Manager, Chief Float Officer, Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Master of Nothing   INFO

Renee Nelson - Reiki Master

Mystic Float Coordinator,  Peace Facilitator 

Dr. Kalli Ross DC

Chiropractic Physician INFO

Eliza Ousley - The Gate Keeper, Float Specialist

Theresa Decomo - Massage Tech 

Mother of Relaxation

Tracy McClurg - LMT

Soother of the Pains

Meghan Voina - LMT

Massage Ninja

Chaz Travis  - Massage LMT

Heat Meiser 

Heather May - Massage Tech

Energy flow specialist

Hannah Copeland - Massage LMT     Southern Charm

Nathan Carpenter:  Rieki Master

Crystal Surgery,  Energy Worker

The Energy Whisperer 

Kathy Grimm - Acupuncture 

Sticker of the pins  INFO 

Catherine MacTurk - Ionic Foot Baths   Zyto Scanning

Alexis Monroe - Volunteer, 

 Reiki Practitioner, Float Apprentice

Melissa Handy - Psychic 

Card Reader Extraordinaire 

Iridology Master

Christie Horsfall - Yoga

 Bender of the Bodies

Kathryn Payne - Circadia Skin Care Specialist INFO

Bruce Milliken

Mindfulness Meditation

Brian Borell - Keeper of the Cosmos INFO

Lara Wynn-  Certified Authentic Tantraⓡ Practitioner,  Author

Debbie Bryant

Angelic Communication, Healer & Author   INFO 

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